don’t regret your next car deal

because it isn’t true that people always get a good deal

If you ask anyone who bought a new or used vehicle at a dealership, it is hard to find anyone who will admit that they got a bad deal. However, statistics dictate that at least half of all car buyers will experience below average results - as in paying too much for their vehicle, or selling their trade-in for too low. This happens because the dealers have more information about the actual price than you do.

And let’s face it: Car dealers don’t have a great reputation for honesty.

So why not arm yourself with the same facts as the sales manager? Check in with Whysker regularly for updated rebate listings, current articles, and valuable consumer tips and strategies designed to save you money. Because at the end of the day, buyers remorse sucks, and wouldn’t we all want to know that we actually got a good deal?